What's an Orcmid?


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is a pseudonym (or "nom de bit" or "pseudonimo della Rete") of Dennis E. Hamilton, NuovoDoc founder and System Architect.  

Dennis is also the webmaster for in all of its manifestations.  The experience of maintaining a consistent site structure that provides for its own documentation is part of the work that Dennis is undertaking in the area of confirmable experience.   More information about that can be found in the description of various activities reported on this NuovoDoc site.

Dennis is the original Technical Coordinator for the DMware Document Management Interoperability Exchange, originally sponsored by AIIM.  The application of confirmable experience to that site and to DMware projects can be found by exploring the  DMware Development Site,

Other sites maintained for a variety of projects can be found at

Further information about Orcmid is found at Orcmid's Lair.

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