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NuovoDoc Is Being Repaved.

The NuovoDoc site is being repaved to correct problems resulting from movement to a new web server.   At the same time, the site is being adjusted to use the latest styles and formats that are applicable to this and other sites of the family.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach to repaving and its tracking.  Contact the technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2008-07-20 orcmid.htm: retire this page as soon as there are no longer any references - redirect it to the replacement
  2007-10-26 Repave Architettura Fifth
  2007-10-26 Repave Activities Fourth
  2007-10-26 Repave Analysis Third
  2007-10-26 Repave Products and Info Second
2007-10-26 Repave Construction Structure First: complete template, template/00, and the c000002 - c000006 templates
2004-06-08 My commitment is to having accurate and consistent content.  It will soon be time to pay attention to appearance and comfort factors.  Dig up the resources I have about that and see how to restyle the site in 6-12 months.  [dh:2008-07-20 These changes are being made as part of a comprehensive repaving of to compensate for movement to Apache and to make the site more representative of NuovoDoc services and activities.]
  2004-06-08 Create an intellectual-property page [dh:2008-07-20 This would reflect the material previously placed on that describes what the exclusive rights are and my attitude about having people know what they have received.]
  2004-06-08 OK, there are reasons for (more) blogs here.  It might be one with categories, I can't tell.  Create something more specific.
  2004-06-08 Learn how to put in the metadata that tells robots not to scrape a page (and hence nothing beneath it). 
  2004-06-07 Upgrade the Activity Log and Activity Entries to consistent style
  2004-06-07 Upgrade the Construction Structure of the Activity Section
2004-06-01 Update the orcmid.htm, c000001, C000002, C000003, C000003d, C000004, C000004d, C000005, and C000005d pages to reflect the NuovoDoc Construction Material style and content.  [dh:2008-07-20 These references are to an older organization of the material.  I think this is now about the front pages of those folios.  In any case, they need to be adjusted on behalf of the repaving.  I should look at nfoWorks for appropriate descriptive material.]
  2004-06-01 Create something on nfoWare that reflects the commitment to ship code in twelve months.
  2004-06-01 Create a calendar structure that includes erudizione and delivery of the nfoWare initiative in conjunction with the fulfillment of my Microsoft Registered Partner ISV Empowerment agreement.
  2004-06-01 Update the activities structure to provide for structured notes.
2004-06-01 As pages of this section are touched, verify the title font. consistent color, and use of <p>-element biggy-sizings.  C000000construction, index.htm, orcmid, c000001,
not done
2007-10-26 Add a ClustrMap template using a general NuovoDoc map separate from the analysis folio. [dh:2008-07-20 We are not going to do that.  Simply use the ClustrMap we have already set up.  We don't need finer resolution than that here.]
2007-10-26 Adjust the Construction Zone Structure to follow the template/00/ current style [dh:2008-06-02 Update this to use the latest Construction Structure, as part of the normal repaving to bring style into alignment]
done 2008-07-20 Clean up the Construction Materials Catalog
done 2008-07-20 c000003d, c000004d, c000005d: Add nofollows to all of the links
done 2008-07-20 index.htm: Clean up anchor block anchor attributes
2008-06-02 Customize the repaving project first, and handle the breakage and wave through the site from there.
2008-06-02 Fix the ClustrMap to use and decide what to do around using the current one for this site.
2008-06-03 Customize the construction structure construction/index.htm, 2008/index.htm, and 2008/06/index.htm
done 2008-06-02 Delete the stuff in the hosted-site image and reshare it from NuovoDocCompagno/construction.
done 2008-06-02 Refresh hyperlinks and pray.
2007-10-26 Add repaving project to this site
done 2008-06-02 Share the 2008/06 indexes and also branch nfoWorks c080201 to c080601 and see how well we do.
done 2008-06-02 Create construction/2008/06
done 2008-06-02 Share and branch the construction /templates /00 index.htm files.
done 2008-06-02 Share the construction/template/00/c000006 folio from nfoWorks
done 2008-06-02 Share and branch the c00000?, c00000?a, and c00000?f from nfoWorks in VSS
done 2008-06-02 Delete c00000? at the VSS level
done 2008-06-02 Rename c00000?a to c00000?b, ? = 3, 4, 5
done 2008-06-02 Rename c00000?b to c00000?c, ? = 3, 4, 5
done 2008-06-02 Rename c00000?c to c00000?d ? = 3, 4, 5
done 2008-06-02 Delete all of the c00000?d template pages.  These will appear as c00000?.htm, starting with ones borrowed from nfoWorks.  ? = 3, 4, 5
done 2008-06-02 Rename c000001-log.htm to c000001.htm.
done 2005-12-13 Make nofollows for C000003a, C00004a, and C000005a
done 2005-12-13 Put the new image into C000004a and C000005a.
done 2005-12-13 Resample the original Visio logo in C000003a and see how that works to make a new nuovodoc-logo.gif
2004-06-08 Create a privacy page
2004-06-10 Tombstone the NuovoDoc /resume section in case anyone enters via an old link to that section.
2004-06-10 Create a construction zone in info/ and record further construction details there.
done 2004-06-10 Edit all pages in the new info/ section, including the construction section, to properly reflect their location.
done 2004-06-10 Clone the resume/ section to an info/ section in a way that has all current internal links move with the renaming.  Take screen shots of the entire practice for an article on Professor Clueless.n  [dh:2004-06-10 the images are in My Documents/My Pictures with names like NDInfo-2004-06-10-...png]
done 2004-06-09 On the default page make About into About NuovoDoc and make it in red; Put the nfoWare project under the Projects thingy.  Make contact us bigger and make This Is NuovoDoc bigger.
done 2004-06-09 Move material that is specific to the resume/ and new info/ section to the I000000 Diary there.
done 2004-06-08 Add an I040601a diary and job-jar to the About NuovoDoc information item, and scrape material from here to there.
done 2004-06-06 Dismantle the nuovodoc/ root construction zone, with this construction shack used for all further history.  The original log is left in place.
2004-06-01 Conform the construction structure of this section to the NuovoDoc nfoCentrale HTML 4.01 style
2004-06-01 Conform the root level to nfoCentrale HTML 4.01 style: construction.htm, index.htm, default.htm
done 2004-06-01 Version this page and be prepared to roll-out the old material as I manage to complete some block of it.
done 2004-06-01 Update normal page material include pages enough to make it usable in customizing the remainder of this site
done 2004-06-01 Update construction material include pages enough to make it useful in customizing the remainder of this section and the construction zones in other parts of the site
done 2004-06-01 Update the construction section include pages enough to make it useful in customizing the remainder of this section and construction structure in other sections of the site.
done 2004-06-01 Copy Orcmid's Lair Include Page construction material here for boilerplate in upgrading of NuovoDoc to the nfoCentrale HTML 4.01 construction style and structure.
0.00 2004-06-01 Establish Initial Conformance to Construction Structure (orcmid)
Clone materials from Orcmid's Lair and edit as boilerplates for creating the consistent style of Include Pages for the NuovoDoc construction personality.


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