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The NuovoDoc site is being repaved to correct for defects that resulted from moving to a different web server.  At the same time, obsolete styles and organizations of material are being replaced.  This is a typical repaving performed to an existing nfoCentrale site.  An example of the complete approach for a newly-created site is illustrated by the bootstrapping project on the nfoWorks site.


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1. Repaving
2. Work Items and Repaving Progress
3. Reporting Defects
4. Making Insertions
5. Related Material


1. Repaving

Repaving of NuovoDoc involves introduction of a construction structure that is now being used for all nfoCentrale sites.  The construction structure provides scaffolding on which the unique content for NuovoDoc is developed and maintained in a systematic way.  The repaving of the construction structure provides the framework for promulgating the repaving work throughout the site.  It also provides identification of where and how much repaving remains to be done and where repaving has been completed.

Repaving starts by updates to basic construction structure and construction materials needed for further development.  The basic infrastructure of the site is repaved first: / ---   root construction structure and root construction zone
                -- _private/
                -- cgi-bin/
(not viewable)
                -- construction/
                -- images/


Repaving is extended to the remaining sections of the site in a progressive way, concentrating on the most-used materials first.  For NuovoDoc, the progression is through the following sections:

                -- info/
                -- products/
                -- analysis/
                -- activities/
                -- architettura/

Repaving is a manual process.  In order to keep track of the repaving status and progress, notices are placed throughout the construction structure and in lists of work items (e.g., on any Job Jar & Diary page) that reflect the local repaving (and later-maintenance) status.  This serves three important purposes:

The customization process begins at the front porch of the site.  It is propagated from there down into the infrastructure and content sections as they are introduced.  The complete bootstrapping progress of all components of the site can be reviewed by navigation from the root construction structure page.

2. Work Items and Bootstrap Progress

There is a progression of work items being followed to extend the construction structure information through all of the initial folders.  This can be found in the top-level construction zone Diary & Job Jar table. 

Essentially, the initial material is adjusted starting from the root of the site and working to the leaves of the initial folders.  As the material is customized, notices are inserted in the pages of infrastructure to reflect their bootstrapping status.  

The initial notice is in red text.  It indicates that the transformation to the correct form and content is incomplete.

As construction structure and construction materials are customized for this site, the notices in the material are changed to ones with green text.  These notices indicate which aspect of the material at that point and below is now in correct form: construction structure and content material.

For new material that is introduced following the initial bootstrap, a different green-text notice is used to indicate that this material is created in the proper form from the beginning. 

The different notices and their usage are illustrated here on the 2008-06-04 Announcement page.

The overall rolling-wave through the site structure is illustrated in the progressive modifications of the following table:

Table 1.  Repaving Status
backgrounds: white - pending, red - in progress, blue - completed
Level Constituent Status Date
Front Porch Construction Structure 2008-07-19
  Construction Zone 2008-07-19
_private Construction Structure 2008-07-20
activities Construction Structure  
analysis Construction Structure  
architettura Construction Structure  
cgi-bin Construction Structure 2008-07-20
construction Construction Structure 2008-06-24
  Construction Zone 2008-07-20
2008 Construction Structure 2008-06-24
06 Construction Structure 2008-06-24
    c080601 2008-06-24
templates Construction Structure 2008-06-24
  00 Construction Structure 2008-06-24
      c000002 2008-06-24
      c000003 2008-06-24
      c000004 2008-06-24
      c000005 2008-06-24
      c000006 2008-06-24
images Construction Structure 2008-07-20
info Construction Structure 2008-07-20
  Construction Zone 2008-07-20
1999 Construction Structure  
05 Construction Structure  
2005 Construction Structure  
12 Construction Structure  
2007 Construction Structure  
  03 Construction Structure  
products Construction Structure  
    Construction Zone  

3. Reporting Defects 

Any defect encountered in content, construction structure, and links (internal and external) can be reported to the technical coordinator

If you are curious what defects are already identified, you can inspect the lists of known work items that are maintained throughout the site:

4. Making Insertions

Using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, the current announcement may be inserted into any number of site pages.  Insertion is by using the FrontPage extensions "Include Page" web component.  The FrontPage operation is performed using the current Include Page.  That Include Page provides a single-cell table element that accomplishes three purposes:

  1. The announcement provides a link to a document-engineering page (such as this one) where more detail of the repaving-project status may be found. 

  2. The FrontPage 2003 Hyperlinks View provides a way to know where the announcement is currently placed as it is appropriate to remove it from some pages and add it to others.

  3. Maintenance of the insertion is performed in a single place and automatically reflected in all of the places the announcement has been inserted.

The link in the caption beneath the cell provides access to the corresponding document-engineering page and its explanation.

For further information on how this approach to Include Content is performed, see the template article page c000006c: ClustrMap Insertion FrontPage Document Engineering.

5. Related Material

Hamilton, Dennis E.
NuovoDoc Site Repaving.   NuovoDoc Construction Materials Note  c080601 0.02, July 19, 2008.  Available at <>.
Revision History:
0.02 2008-07-19-14:59 Add Tracking Table and Plan Waves through the Construction Structure
Start the table for managing the staging through all of the content and tying in the appropriate construction zones.
0.01 2008-06-24-11:14 Complete Customization
This folio is customized in the form that applies to the NuovoDoc June 2008 repaving.
0.00 2008-06-24-09:34 Create Folio Cover-Page Placeholder
Customize just enough for NuovoDoc repaving use.  Clean it up after that.  The nfoWorks Site Creation folder, c080201, was used for boilerplate.

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