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NuovoDoc Is Being Repaved.

The NuovoDoc site is being repaved to correct problems resulting from movement to a new web server.   At the same time, the site is being adjusted to use the latest styles and formats that are applicable to this and other sites of the family.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach to repaving and its tracking.  Contact the technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


in progress 2013-11-29 Revive Repaving across the entire site.  Tweak the front porch: c000000, construction.htm, contact.htm, default.htm, index.htm, nuovodoc.htm, privacy.htm
in progress
2008-06-24 Identify repaving status in all of the construction structure starting from the front-porch Construction Zone as repaving moves into all of the initial sections.   index.htm, cgi-bin/index.htm, _private/index.htm, analysis/index.htm, architettura/index.htm,  construction/index.htm, images/index.htm, info/index.htm, products/index.htm  [dh:2013-11-29 This works better controlled from the front porch itself.]
in progress
2008-06-03 Perform repaving of the front porch foyer as the kick-off once the repaving project is set up
  2007-03-25 See #57.114 and #57.118 for more items to address.  This site is small enough that it can be the model for completing the construction-structure model and heavy use of the document-engineering model.  These become patterns that can be identified.  This is also the poster-child for the conversion from case-insensitive to case-sensitive on the server and how to get my development site squared-away with that.  Hmm, I might have to put up a different server and/or support PHP.  Wowza.
  2006-12-03 Bring over Creative Commons licensing material for selective use on NuovoDoc pages. [dh:2013-11-29 This will depend on how handling of the license is consolidated at the Anchor site.]
  2006-12-03 privacy.htm (i040901b) section 2, 3rd bullet: correct grammar (are not is)
  2006-12-03 privacy.htm (i040901b) should also be in engineered-document format for this site.
  2006-12-03 nuovodoc.htm (i040601f) should be in the engineered-document format for this site.
  2006-12-03 nuovodoc.htm (i040601f), the anchor link is to the previous (obsoleted) version.
  2006-12-03 nuovodoc.htm (i040601f), Remove the Masters degree from my resume, add ODMJNI and maybe something about toolcraft.
  2006-12-03 contact.htm (i040602b), delete the obsolete GeoTrust certificate.  See if there is more detail for the Verisign certification.
  2006-12-03 contact.htm (i040602b), see if the Voicestream e-mail address still works.
  2006-12-03 contact.htm (i040602b), remove the cellular phone correction comment.  That's been there more than enough time.
  2006-12-03 contact.htm (i040602b), expand the internet contact to include ODMA example instead of DMware.  Mention spam filters and the rules.
  2006-12-03 contact.htm (i040602b), the top entry should just refer to nfoCentral sites, not  The link should be to
  2006-12-03 This index.htm mini-guide needs better information and it needs to be updated to operate as a construction structure page in the latest style (showing the scaffolding to the front-porch content and to the various folders at the top level.) - consider linking to the page rather than some of the other locations.
in progress
2006-12-03 The What's an Orcmid? page needs more precise links to some material. [dh:2008-06-03 The repaving will remove references to construction/orcmid.htm in favor of direct links to]
  2006-12-03 The Construction Structure link in the "you are here" block goes to the Construction section.  I think that is maybe appropriate, but there might need to be a better link.  If this is an include page, fix it there when the include pages are cleaned up. (Move this item to the construction shack, in that case.)
  2006-12-03 Alter the Product Announcement blurb on the front page, once the product announcement content pages are adjusted to reflect delay until 1H2007.
  2006-12-03 Review all reachable pages of the site for proper operation on the hosted site: include Front Porch and then create a repaving projection under the construction folder.  Don't forget to deal with cgi-bin and FrontPage extensions, if necessary as well.  The key issue is (1) completing the use of construction structure and (2) dealing with all breakage around case-sensitivity on the Apache hosted-site server.
  2005-12-14 Consider using the document-engineering approach for the home page and use the small notice bar on the bottom too.
  2005-12-13 Create project to find all of the links to nuovodoc-logo.gif and replace them by nuovodoc-thumb.gif
  2005-12-07 Follow the lead of the provisional /products construction zone to tie in the construction zone here.
  2005-12-07 Review the /info construction zone and catch the defects noticed when cloning for /projects [dh:2006-12-03 I think the cloning was for /products.]
done 2014-04-19 index.htm Also update some placeholder links that now have good wormhole pages to refer to on the Front Porch.
done 2014-04-19 Add keybase.txt claim and include it on the index.htm page
done 2013-11-29 Update the Contact Information, i040602b, immediately
done 2008-08-07 Add LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml file to obtain analysis for this site.
done 2008-07-20 Set up top level of info/ with index.htm and construction zone for continuing its repaving from there.
not done
2006-12-03 construction.htm: The construction structure link in "you are here" needs to be more specific in some way, and the use of an Include Page must accomodate that. [dh:2008-07-20 There is another item about this.  That can be resolved later.]
2008-06-02 Remove images/construction.htm once not referenced by anything
done 2008-07-19 Complete repaving of this construction zone for systematic use as the foundation for repaving waves through the construction structure of the site.
2007-03-22 Create a systematic review of the NuovoDoc structure before it becomes more elaborate and harder to alter.
done 2008-06-24 Adjust the ClustrMap on the default page to be placed better
2006-12-03 Put ClustrMaps on the popular pages of
2007-03-22 Create a nested construction structure and other template-oriented design elements
done 2008-06-02 Add hardhatarea.gif to images/
done 2008-06-02 Add ccSomeRights20.png to images/
done 2008-06-02 Swap in folders to be used for the management of repaving here: Bring nfoWorks construction/2008/02/c080201 tree over as construction/2008/06/c080601.  Turn over the rest of repaving to that folder.
done 2008-06-02 Identify any changes to be made to the construction/templates/00 section to have consistency with the latest construction structure and repaving approach.
done 2008-06-02 Prepare to bring over the construction structure of nfoWorks as part of repaving 
done 2007-02-19 Change cover link to product section to apply to the updated information
done 2006-12-03 Fix construction.htm to refer to the anchor.  [dh:2006-12-03 Relative up-link worked just fine!   Beautiful]
done 2006-12-03 construction.htm Find the improved fixed-pitch font style to use for the fixed-pitch text shown on the page.
done 2006-12-03 construction.htm: Re-activate the construction zone and tie it in the way others are done, as for OdmDev (should be one of the most recent).  Find a model and stick to it.
done 2006-12-03 construction.htm: Use "/ Construction Zone" as the "folio" for construction.htm just as for c000000. 
done 2006-12-03 The construction zone is not linked into the construction structure!  Fix that.
done 2006-12-03 index.htm Construction Shack image and link should be for Construction Structure or Construction Zone.
done 2006-12-03 index.htm: Don't use Root, use Front Porch or Entrance.
2005-12-07 Customize the index.htm to serve as the top node of the site construction structure and scaffolding
2005-12-07 Customize construction.htm as a Construction Zone entry page.
2005-12-07 Have this Construction Zone be the root zone, with its parent being the Construction Office: C000000, [dh:2006-12-03 We go to the more-recent ODMdev model of linked construction zones with the next higher-level being the anchor site.]
done 2006-12-03 Add cgi-bin to the construction structure.  Treat as placeholder the same as _privacy.
done 2006-12-03 c000000: Have the anchor link match the actual file name.
done 2005-12-14 Redo the image so its not so overwhelming and enlarge the announcement topic to balance the page
2005-12-07 Make sure the default page construction logo links to the construction structure, not the zone. [dh:2005-12-13 I need to review this, as I'm not sure that's right any longer.  Oh, that is what it is supposed to say.  Figure it out later.]
done 2005-12-13 Resample the logo on the home page.  We can do much better.
done 2005-12-07 Create a /products folder and set it up with its own construction zone cloned from the one that /info has.
done 2005-12-07 Delete the Toolcraft folder as never used and never linked from anywhere.  The topic will be addressed on TROSTing and expanded on ActiveODMA and nfoWare.
done 2005-12-07 Create this page for immediate use as the construction zone for a refresh.
Revision History:
0.02 2013-11-29-09:52 Revive Repaving
Additional style and format rules are applied to previous material and the repaving tracked through the site anew.
0.01 2006-12-03-11:52 Repaving for Independent Domain
The move to A2 Hosting allows for as an add-on domain, so the is used throughout the site.  Repaving is required to deal with case sensitivity and other style changes.
0.00 2005-12-07-19:11 Establish Bootstrapping of Front-Porch Construction Zone
Start with a minimal construction zone and work the build-up to something more presentable for a construction-stage preview.  This restores a construction zone to the NuovoDoc root folder.  This page was cloned from the corresponding page on

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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