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This is the Construction Zone for the NuovoDoc /analysis section.  There is a Construction Zone Diary & Job Jar for change history and construction work items specific to this section.

Change History

2006-02-23-18:00 Upgrade to Current Construction Zone Approach
Add a job jar and make this a construction zone page.  The further development of work items will occur as described in the Construction Zone Diary & Job Jar.  These entries remain here simply for completeness.
2002-01-26-16:55 Organize as part of Independent NuovoDoc (orcmid)
This section is updated to float properly when included in any NuovoDoc mirror, and when accessed as part of
1. This construction.htm page is adjusted to the style for mirror groups, and out-of-group relative links are removed.
2. The index.htm page is also adjusted to float along with the mirror.
3. The DMA-adoption-risk.htm article is adjusted to float and be part of the mirror.
4. The ODMA-Analysis.htm article is adjusted in the same way.
2001-06-03-22:37 Move Analysis Article to NuovoDooc
The article on Where's ODMA Going, produced by Dennis Hamilton, is moved here and is linked from the ODMA site.  The residual analysis.htm file on DMware is a tombstone for the benefit of anyone, including a search engine, who may have retained a link to it.
2001-06-01-23:20 Use NuovoDoc navigation structure (orcmid)
The same navigation structure among the construction elements is used here as first established in the resume section.
2001-06-01-17:36 Add Construction Structure (orcmid)
The usual construction structure, branded for NuovoDoc Centrale, is added here for continuity before we lead anybody to this material.
2001-05-31-15:36 Create NuovoDoc/analysis Section (orcmid)
Create a separate NuovoDoc section, separate from the orcmid section, for NuovoDoc-related materials and professional consulting resume.
2000-08-16-14:32 Correct the Analysis article (orcmid)
I still have the prefix of ODMA Document IDs incorrect.  I went from ::\ODM\ to ::\ODMA\, but it is ::ODMA\.  I have it correctly now.
2000-08-16-11:12 Update the Analysis article (orcmid)
1. The Analysis article is updated further to account for Web Folders and WebDAV as factors in the slow proportional diminishing of ODMA as an integration device.  This is in response to a recent enquiry about ODMA support on ODMA Tech.  The format of an ODMA Id is also corrected in that article.
2000-05-07-12:59 Cleanup Analysis of ODMA Future More (orcmid)
3. Moved copyright information to the top of the article, and corrected time zone information for +0200 (Italian summer time), where I am located this month.
4. Ran the spelling checker.
5. Referred to Microsoft DNA and n-tiered architecture, emphasizing what is meant by the new model for collaborative enterprise desktops.
6. Divided the document into separate numbered sections reflecting the table of contents more emphatically.
7. Put in the ability to launch from an ODMA ID as important.
8. Put more emphasis on the value of ODMA in customized special-purpose integrations continuing into the future.
9. Changed the background to white, reflecting that this is an article, whether or not under construction.
10. Pointed out that the DMS is also explicitly identified in the ODMA ID of a document.
11. 2000-08-16: The article is further updated to account for Web Folders and WebDMA.
2000-04-10-08:17 Update Analysis of ODMA Future (orcmid)
I update my personal appraisal to reflect the steady interest in ODMA that continues at this time.
1. The section on ODMA being limited is updated to reflect the move to continuation of support for the ODMA sweet spot, while acknowledging that enterprise applications are moving to different models.
2. Mention of ODMA 2.0 as well as ODMA 1.0-level support is introduced in the discussion of how best to support ODMA in desktop applications and also in DMS drivers for ODMA-compliant DMS systems.

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