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2002-02-06-13:52 Prepare for Activity Expansion (orcmid)
1. I added a log for activities in accession-number form Ayymmnnx.  
2. I worked at eliminating style usages outside of the calendars themselves, with no apparent ill effects.
2002-01-30-11:14 Calendar Page Customization Topics (orcmid)
The current-calendar page is a product of a Microsoft Word document saved in HTML.  I want to make this a clean HTML page while still achieving the format that I got using Word and a Microsoft Design Studio template for calendars.  
1. What I have right now is a page that has been modified enough that FrontPage will open it directly and not force editing in Word.  
2. I have added boilerplate to the page, and it is impacted by the styles introduced into the file.  I need to carry out a program of style deletion and see how much I can pruned the document down while still having some control over the appropriate presentation of the calendars.
3. This is an interesting example of confirmable experience, but I am not so sure that it is very useful.  Still, it is something worth knowing how to do in building web sites.
2002-01-30-10:13 Introduce Activities Section of NuovoDoc (orcmid)
This section is introduced for reporting on NuovoDoc activities.  The first content is a calendar page:
1. The section is created and a calendar page, derived from a Microsoft Word 2000 .doc is imported.  The construction structure is copied from the NuovoDoc /analysis section and then customized using FrontPage 2000.
2. This construction.htm is customized and a defect arriving in the original is corrected here and in /analysis.
3. The index.htm page is customized to say some things about this section.
4. The calendar page is edited to follow style, with provisional NuovoDoc style.

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