Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications

 November 4-8, 2002

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1. Arriving for the First Day

Leaving at 8am after thinking I should leave an hour earlier

Fog when leaving the house, clearing as I go downtown

The sphincter onto 99, but no problem once there

Up University to 6th and over past Union to ???

In the room at 8:30 and setting up while people are still trickling in.

Parking lot is emptier than it was last night

I decide that the D200 spots are smaller than the "Small Car" slots that I walked past yesterday, so I go to the other end of the row to park.  I do a nice job fitting my spot, and am protected by the guy who parked a large pickup truck such that it straddles two spots.  

It is interesting that most spots are now labelled "small car."  First, compact doesn't mean anything anymore.  Also, marking a spot "small car" doesn't mean anything, as witnessed by the Hummer-size space taken by the pickup adjacent to me.

There were good spots closer to the entrance to the convention center, and they didn't have special markings at all.  They filled up as I trudged past. 

2. Workshops, Tutorials, Workshops, Tutorials

2.1 Workshop 8 - Behavioral Semantics: Serving the Customer

X. Resources and References


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