Convergence of Document Management, Records Management, and the Web

 April 2002 in Japan

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1. Presentation

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The presentation illustrates ways business and government around the world are using Web and XML standards to improve coordination, communication, and services.  There is demand for interoperability of systems in new ways.  Increase in interoperability requires more standards for metadata agreement and document interchange/preservation.

The new standards and activities are bringing document management and record management together as part of electronic content management.  Public accountability for eGovernment and citizen services makes management and preservation of electronic documents very important.  There is a general expectation that the Web and XML will make delivery of services and managing of records less expensive.

WebDAV is an example of new standards for inexpensive storage of managed documents.  So far, WebDAV standards do not provide for full integration of document management and records management in work activities.  This gap is a challenge to document management vendors.  This gap is also opportunity for document-management company and integrators to contribute valuable service in making standards useful.

2. Discussion

Suggested topics for discussion include:

3. Resources and References
Access to all materials, projects, and announcements about WebDAV.
AIIM 2002 WebDAV Tutorial.  March 7, 2002.  Dennis E. Hamilton.
AIIM DMware section on WebDAV Interoperability for Managed Documents.
Presentation to Joint Meeting of Pacific Northwest AIIM and ARMA Chapters.  
April 9, 2002.  Dennis E. Hamilton.  Presentation sketch with PowerPoint slides.
WebDAV Arrives.  Bernard Chester and Dennis Hamilton.
Article to appear in AIIM e-doc Magazine, May-June, 2002.
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version 0.10 2002-05-05 posted as place-holder and boilerplate information for describing the April 2002 activities in Japan and providing links to public resources on presentations and on activities created out of the meetings.  Private, client-specific materials are separate.  This portion is available to everyone interested in the topic. 

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