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Standards to the Rescue!

Convergence of Document Management and Records Management

This month we will host our annual joint meeting with the Bellevue/Eastside Chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA).

Dennis Hamilton, the current AIIM DMware Technical Coordinator and webmaster of the DMware Development Site will present a motivating discussion on standards supporting document management. Emerging standards for the Web and XML are accelerating interoperability among commodity services and computer products.  The appeal of low-cost, uniform fixtures challenges the existing document-management market structure.  At the same time, promoters of commodity technologies have their eye on records management.

WORKSHOP (Download Slides - 923kb PowerPoint 2000) - Standards to the Rescue?

During our workshop Mr. Hamilton will illustrate this disruptive influence with the WebDAV, the standard for Distributed Authoring and Versioning via Web servers.  He will look at the impact on managed documents and how these documents will constitute records.  The central question of "metadata" will be examined, along with sources of further information on what is being standardized, who is doing the work, and how to find out more about the products and their use.

PROGRAM (Download Slides - 161kb PowerPoint 2000) - Who Owns Your Documents?

After dinner our speaker will stand back and question our dependency on electronically recorded documents and information of record: who really owns your electronic documents?  What happens when your software suppliers cannot afford to support your documents and archive systems any more? 

Dennis Hamilton, NuovoDoc System Architect, devotes his international-consultant energies to aggressively applying standards for interoperability and open integration in the design of electronic document systems. The principal architect of Document Enabled Networking (DEN) at Xerox, Dennis was a leader in the technical merger of DEN and Shamrock under the AIIM Document Management Alliance (DMA). Dennis has been developing software and contributing to standards since 1958. 

Make your reservations now to attend this stimulating meeting and network with our professional associates in both ARMA and AIIM


West Coast Bellevue Hotel
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Registration:   4:00 - 4:30
Workshop        4:30 - 5:30
networking      5:30 - 6:00
Dinner/buffet   6:00 - 6:45
Program 6:50 - 7:30

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